A School Teacher High On Meth, Pops Pimples On Her Unsuspecting Students. One Student Gets Hit In The Eye By A Blackhead


Montclair, NJ- Ms. Carla Marshall (28) has been arrested following a drug induced rampage in her classroom. “She showed up late to class and was talking 100 miles an hour and she looked crazy!”, one student said. Carla Marshal is the school’s 12th grade algebra teacher. This particular day she was running late and when she did arrive she looked disheveled and frantic.

Ms. Marshall went to her desk and proceeded to pull hair clippers out of her hand bag and started to shave her head. The class looked on in disbelief. When she noticed she was being watched she yelled, “Do you see them too? Do you?”. ‘WTF was she taking about?’, the students wondered. “She started accusing us of spying on her for the shadow people. I never heard such rubbish in my life”– student.

“Here’s a little song I like to call ‘she hit me in the face with a zit’ goes a little something like this”- Survivor

“I’ll stop all of you from spying on me with my venom poppers!” and with that she started running around the room squeezing her pimples so they would pop on the students. “It was fucking nasty. I saw one girl get hit in the eye with a black head, she may never see out of that eye again”– student.

Thankfully half the football team had that particular class and several of them tackled Ms. Marshall to the ground, subduing her while their classmates summoned the school police officer. “Ms. Marshall was said to be experiencing some strange symptom’s so I approached the classroom with caution. I found her in the custody of some students and I cuffed her without incident. Turns out she had been on a meth binge and had not slept for 2 weeks. She will no longer be a teacher in the state of New Jersey, but we hope she gets the help she needs”, Officer Dozer.


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