Woman Beheads Tattoo Artist With A Machete For Tattooing “7991” On Her Throat


Venice Beach, CA- Melinda Brewer (26), wanted a special way to commemorate her 26th birthday. She decided that a throat tattoo of the year of her birth “1997”, would be just the ticket to accentuate her natural beauty.

Upon completion of the tattoo, Melinda went over to a full length mirror to admire it. “What the fuck is 7991? I wanted 1997!”, Melinda yelled. Clearly frustrated, she stormed off to her car. Within minutes she returned to the tattoo parlor with a machete firmly held in her right hand. Witnesses saw her deliver 10-12 whacks across Romero’s throat and neck with the machete before the head of her tattoo artist, Ernesto Romero, ultimately fell to the ground with an audible thud.

Romero (52), had been a tattoo artist close to 30 years at the time of his murder. He is survived by his wife LeAnne (51) and their three children; Marshall (27), Candace (22), and Leo Romero (16).

Melinda Brewer was handed a copy of her mugshot while she was being questioned by detectives. They asked her to read the number tattooed on her throat. “1-9-9-7, 1997, but wait it said ‘7991’ at the tattoo shop?!”.

Turns out Melinda was under the influence of the Devil’s Lettuce AKA “Marijuana” the day of the murder and was in-fact too stoned to realize that mirrored images produce mirror images.


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