Airplane Forced To Make An Emergency Landing After Passenger Was Caught “Servicing” Her Service Animal Mid-Flight.


Houston, TX- Teressa Howard (41), was escorted off Spirit Airlines flight 1188 after she was caught in sexual congress with her service animal, a German Shepard named Max. Passengers on flight 1188 alerted flight attendant’s to strange noises coming from the lavatory where Howard was seen entering with her dog Max just minutes prior.

Upon inspection, Teressa was seen bent over, on all fours on the cramped bathroom floor with Max mounted from behind. Caught in the act by the flight crew, Teressa unsuccessfully tried to explain to them that she was attempting to “calm” her dog down by for the flight by having him release his seminal fluid inside of her.

The crew quickly alerted the captain to the incident and he radioed to IAH (Houston International Airport), that he was in need of a runway for an emergency landing to drop off an unruly passenger. Once the plane landed, Teressa was cuffed and taken to a detention room by TSA, while her dog Max was taken to a local animal shelter.

Remaining passengers of flight 1188 were given free bottles of water to make up for the time consuming incident.

Stay tuned to for updates on this story as they become available.


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