Paul Teutul Sr. Comes Out As Gay In His New Tell All Book, “Ride My Hog”


Paul Teutul Sr. (74) of Orange County Choppers fame, has written a new tell all book “Ride My Hog” about his life and times as king of the 2000’s reality shows and beyond. “They were wild times. Sex parties, booze and more cocaine than Tony Montana ever dreamed of”, writes Tuttle.

The book gives us tremendous insight to what it was like being on a widely popular TV show and the hardships of sudden fame. “Fame can hurt a family in ways I never imagined. It’s like a virus”. What has really opened the eyes of this reporter and of millions across the nation is the 2nd chapter of this book called, “Coming Out”. In that chapter the uber masculine man comes out of the closet and identifies with being a “Bear”.

“I’ve always excelled with the grinder. Turns out there is a dating app called ‘grindr’ lol. That may be the one for me!”

“I’ve always thought being masculine with a tough guy persona I wouldn’t be welcomed by the gay community, but it turns out they call guys like me ‘Bears’, which was wonderful to find out. The gay crowd has been so supportive of me”. We’re super excited for Paul and have some exciting news to share with you. Paul is working with TLC on a new lifestyle show that will shadow Paul Sr. as he embarks on his new life. He also understands many of his “fans” will turn their back on him, “When I was growing up this wasn’t something you could talk to you folks about. Many years I lived with this secret and I am so glad our society has evolved into a more accepting and understanding one. One where homosexuality is on par with any kind of sexuality. And to the ones who chirp and talk shit, fuck you. That’s all I got to say about that”. We’re with you on that one!

His book will hit stands later this year. Filming will begin this summer for his new TV show.


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