3rd Grade Teacher Could Face Up To 20 Years In Prison After Calling The 8 Year Old Student Who Kicked Her, “Buckwheat”.


San Diego, CA- Rebecca Anderson (32) is currently sitting in the San Diego County jail after calling one of her 3rd grade students “Buckwheat”. Anderson was immediately terminated by the school board for her comments made to the 8 year old student.

Anderson claims that it was only after the student kicked her in the crotch for no apparent reason, that she did in-fact call the child “Buckwheat”, “I turned my back to the class and began to write on the board. Next thing I know is someone had kicked me between the legs from behind. I spun around and saw them *(since the student is a minor, their name will no be released) laughing and I said, ‘you thinks that’s funny you little Buckwheat lookin’ asshole. All the students who were laughing stopped at that time. One child ran to the office and told school administration what I had said. I never imagined that I would get fired for calling a kid Buckwheat, especially after being assaulted by that Buckwheat lookin’ asshole kid”, a dejected Rebecca Anderson said.

The parents of the child want Ms. Anderson to face charges of “Terroristic Threats” and state that her use of the term “Buckwheat” has also caused permanent emotional damage to their child which will ultimately be brought up in a civil trail sometime down the road. If charged and convicted of terroristic threats in a criminal case, Ms. Anderson faces a potential sentence of 20 years.

However this case unfolds will be truly telling. Should a teacher be able to respond to an act a violence with harsh words? Many believe so. Should the parents of the child prevail in a civil suit it may set a precedent that the safety of teachers is not of paramount importance to the feelings of the children. Finding teachers of quality to take these positions may have just become that more difficult. *Originally published May 21st.


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