Man Spends The Day Calling Babies Ugly, And Fat Shaming Overweight People Outside Of A Walmart

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Ventura, CA- Dylan MacEwan (36), was arrested early this afternoon after dozens of calls rang into the Ventura Police Department complaining of a man who was telling parents that their babies were ugly while they were entering a local Walmart. MacEwan stood off to the side of the entrance door at Walmart on S. Victoria Blvd. and when a parent was approaching with their baby, he would take a look and if he thought they were ugly, he would say so. Also, if a large individual made their way towards him, especially if they were in a motorized scooter with their ass hanging over the sides, he would fat shame them; “Here here fatty fatty, oink oink!”.

Many people blew him off as just an emotionally disturbed individual, but several people left in tears at the mean things he said about ugly babies and fat asses. “I was just telling them the truth. I may be an asshole, but at least I’m an honest asshole”, MacEwan told one of our reporters. Regardless of his being “honest”, he was still harassing people, and public harassment is against the law.

“He was so offensive for absolutely no reason. Why he would say my child is ugly, when obviously his ugliness runs much deeper.”, a parent told us under the condition of anonymity.

Dylan has a history of being a “truth teller” and was arrested just this past summer for harassment and intimidation for telling overweight folks on the beach that they needed to “cover-up” or they may be mistaken for a whale and “harpooned”. “This individual has been a public nuisance on more than one occasion. The district attorney is aware of his being a repeat offender and is compiling a strong case again him”, Sgt. Larry Denton told us.

MacEwan is being sent off for a 72hr. psychological evaluation to determine his competency. Please stayed tuned to as more of this story unfolds.


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