Mortician’s Assistant Caught On Video Engaging In Sexual Congress With Corpses


Oxnard, CA- Lewis Pleasington (37), was arrested early this morning after video evidence surfaced online, depicting him in sexual congress with several dead bodies. Pleasington had been a mortician’s assistant for 18 months prior to this discovery.

Being a Mortician’s assistant, he had unfettered access to a multitude of corpses. His area of expertise was washing down bodies and prepping them for the mortician. The video in question is quite disturbing, here is one viewers description of that video, “I was searching for silly cat videos online when I clicked a link titled, “Silly Cattos Playing With String”. Well that turned out to be a farce! I witnessed Mr. Pleasington engage in sexual activity with what I could only describe as an, elderly woman who had clearly been deceased for some time. I stopped watching when he climbed on top of her and began to penetrate her vaginally”. The video would go on for another 45 minutes, and involve 6 more corpses.

That viewer, who wishes to remain anonymous, would go on to alert authorities to what they had discovered. Details in the video gave way to the exact location where the filming originated. S.W.A.T. arrived at the funeral home believed to be the film’s location. When S.W.A.T. swarmed the building, Mr. Pleasington was in the process and cleaning up a heart attack victim he had just violated anally and orally. Video equipment was set up all around, “It was quite an elaborate setup. Mr. Pleasington fancies himself a director of some sort. What he is, is one of the most disgusting individuals I have ever come into contact with in my 25 years of being a law enforcement officer. “, Sgt. Lester Brown said to our reporters.

Lester Pleasington is now rotting away in Ventura County Jail while prosecutors compile evidence to hopefully lock him up for good!


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