Man Goes Through 15 Plastic Surgeries To Get Back With Ex-Boyfriend Who Filed A Restraining Order Against Him


Santa Paula, CA- Eduardo Mantanilla (38), AKA “Felix Contrares”, was arrested for violating the terms of a restraining order his ex-boyfriend had filed against him. Steven Winthrop (36), filed a restraining order against Eduardo Mantanilla close to 6 months ago. Eduardo became overly possessive and needy. After showing up at his work several times unannounced, Steven knew it was time to get the courts involved and end this toxic relationship.

Life went on for Steven. He got into a new relationship and was no longer looking over his shoulder wondering if Eduardo would appear. His new boyfriend Felix was attentive, kind, and considerate. Things which Eduardo never was.

Then one day Steven said something that upset Felix. The look of anger in Felix’s eye was Unmistakably familiar to Steven. It was just how Eduardo would look when he was upset. Steven then wondered if Felix was so attentive because he already knew all about him and his idiosyncrasies. Was he was such a good lover because he already knew what Steven liked? Was Felix in fact Eduardo Mantanilla in disguise? Steven could see it so clearly now. Eduardo and Felix were the same person! How could he have been so blind?

Steven called the cops and told them his suspicions. A quick run of his fingerprints would reveal that Felix was in fact Eduardo Mantanilla. Eduardo admits to having had over one dozen plastic surgeries performed to alter his appearance so that Steven would not recognize him and give him another chance. Turns out even after all those surgeries, Eduardo’s true color still shone through.

Eduardo Mantanilla is currently serving 60 days in county jail for violating the restraining order. Any further violations will result in a lengthy prison sentence.


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