3 Breasted Woman Is In The News Again After Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Remains Were Found Underneath Her Home


Orlando, FL- Tiffany Andrews (27),was arrested after remains of her Ex-boyfriend were found underneath her home. Tiffany had her 15 minutes of fame years ago when she came onto the scene with a third boob. The authenticity of her breast(s) is not under question today, but what is is why were her Ex’s remains under her home?

When Matthew Ecbert (30), went missing Tiffany made a missing persons report. That was about 7 months ago. When Tiffany made the report, she said that she had not seen Matthew for 3 days and that was totally out of character for him. 3 months into his disappearance, Ecbert’s car was found halfway submerged in the everglades. The climate and recent rains made any chance of finding forensic evidence impossible. The car turned out to be a dead end.

Looks like the party has ended for Tiffany Andrews.

Andrews claimed to not know how the car got there. Detectives had hit a wall and the case had gone cold. Tiffany stopped inquiring about the case after a couple months and had seemed to move on with a new boyfriend in-tow. Hearing about the new boyfriend rose the ire of Sergeant Detective Fred Warrens. “Something about her was just off, but I had nothing to go on”. Nothing to go on until Warrens happened upon the “find my iPhone” feature while looking for his wife’s missing phone.

This is the last known photo of Ecbert.

Warrens knew that Matthew’s phone was never found and the Sergeant went to the case file to look at photos of Ecbert and in two photos he can clearly be seen using an iPhone. He thought to himself, “why not see if the find my iPhone feature can be used to discover the location of his phone and possibly locate Matthew himself”. A few days, subpoenas and warrants later Sergeant Detective Warrens had all he needed to run the app and look for the phone or its last known location.

Warrens got a hit. He was able to get the last known location of the phone before the battery died. And that location? Why if it wasn’t Tiffany Andrews address. A search warrant for her property was issued to a dumbfounded Andrews. After 2 days police were about to give up. Matthew was her boyfriend and the phone pinging at her location would not be out of the ordinary. As they were getting ready to pack up, an officer on scene suggested to bring in hounds because the underneath of the house was inaccessible to officers. Within minutes the hounds found the scent of decomposition and located the remains of Ecbert.

“We are more than pleased with the work of our detectives and quick thinking officers”.

Andrews was subsequently arrested and is awaiting arraignment in an Orange County jail cell.


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