Florida Woman Claims She Only Drank At Red Lights And Stop Signs, Never While Driving.


Carla Trevers (57) of Miami Florida was stopped after her car was seen to be swerving in and out of her lane late Monday night. She was subsequently arrested for Driving under the influence of alcohol. Ms. Trevers had had a BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) of .28, well over the legal limit at the time of arrest.

A belligerent Carla tried her best to plead her case to the arresting officers, “I only drank at red lights and stop lights, never while I was driving. So you see, you can’t arrest me for drunk driving!” How wrong she would be.

Miami-Dade police officers were more than happy to respond to Ms. Trevers claims of “not drinking while driving”, “She very well may have only consumed alcohol at red lights and stop signs, but what Ms. Trevers does not understand is that she did in fact operate a motor vehicle while intoxicated, so her claim that she only drank at red lights and or stop signs is a moot point.”, Officer Perez of Miami-Dade P.D.

Carla is being held without bail due to several prior arrests for DUI. She is looking at the possibility of 15 years in prison if convicted on what would be her 5th DUI in 3 years.


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