General Contractor Laughs During His Mugshot Because He Knows It’s Not Illegal To Hire Hookers To Do Construction


Clark Forrester (52) of Fillmore California was thrown into Ventura County Jail after reports of prostitutes on his job-site were being called in by many a concerned citizen. Authorities arrived at the custom home Forrester was in charge of building. Police immediately noticed close to a dozen scantily clad women on site and placed Forrester under arrest.

Forrester maintained his innocence and repeatedly told police, “you got this all wrong”. The police had heard all these excuses before and would not be easily swayed. Sometime during Forrester’s police interview, the prostitutes came in one by one to the station to tell their story and plead for Clark Forrester’s release.

“Clark showed me that an honest days labor can be just as fulfilling, if not more so than taking it from behind”, Beth Tinsley prostitute turned construction worker.

One by one each lady recounted how Forrester had approached them, “He came up and asked me what my price was. I told him my rate and he said he would double it and not ask me to take off my clothes. I listened to his pitch and was swayed by his offer. I brought him by some of my friends whom I thought he may also be interested in. By the end there were nearly a dozen of us ladies working for Mr. Forrester”, Beth Tinsley.

Turns out Clark Forrester is a man of the people. Many contractors will use day laborers to help out. Clark knew many other contractors who would pick up workers outside a Home Depot or Lowes. “I noticed some women looking for work and I had work to offer. Just because they are prostitutes doesn’t mean I can’t hire them for something other than sex right? These women did excellent work and are worth every penny. Next to the police having to release me for not committing a crime, I’d say showing these ladies that good honest work pays and to see their smiles at the end of a hard days work is all the affirmation I need to know we have accomplished some good”.


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