‘There goes your vagina!’ Man Says As He Walks Out On Wife Who Didn’t Have A C-Section

Medium shot of a pregnant woman crying while sitting on a hospital bed

Chicago, IL- Elizabeth Connors is in a state of shock after her husband, Larry took off from the hospital shortly after she gave birth to their son. “The Doctors said I had to have the baby naturally or there may be complications. It seemed like the right thing to do. When Larry found out he yelled ‘There goes your vagina!’ and left the hospital”, said Elizabeth.

While it is not unusual for an expecting father to be racked with nerves surrounding the arrival of his child, it is almost unheard of for him to leave abruptly after the birth. “I understand the father was upset about our decision against the C-section. It was safest for child and mother to have a natural birth. If he is worried about her vagina being blown out, I can add a few more stitches and make it snug for him”, Dr. Bergoth.

“I would be happy to attend to Mrs. Connor’s vagina in anyway she’d like”, Dr. Bergoth

We won’t get the chance to ask Larry any questions as literally no one has heard from him since the birth. “I really didn’t think it would be a big deal having a natural birth”, Elizabeth laments. “The doctor mentioned I could get sewn up nice and tight”.

We’ve left many messages for Larry, but we are sure not to hear from him. In the mean time TLC is planing to make a reality show based on Elizabeth’s life.


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