Worldwide Shortage Of Sriracha, Sparks Divorce, Bankruptcy, And Homelessness For One Couple


Oxnard, CA- Ben Quiroz is currently staying at a local homeless shelter while his soon to be ex-wife Cindy, stays with her family. 5 years ago they were the quintessential happy couple. Add in one pandemic and a shortage of Ben’s favorite hot sauce, Sriracha, and you have the perfect storm.

Cindy once caught Ben on eBay bidding over $800 dollars for a case of Sriracha out of Eastern Canada. He was ultimately outbid, but he wasn’t done searching for his favorite spicy condiment. A worldwide shortage of Sriracha has caused many to settle for lesser known knock-offs and lower quality wannabe’s. “There is no comparison. None”, said Ben when asked how the substitute Sriracha’s stood up to the real thing.

Ben’s obsession quickly went full throttle when he conspired a way to mortgage the house for a 2nd time without his wife’s knowledge. He was set to purchase 13 pallets of Sriracha out of Tijuana Mexico for $317,000. Quick math in Ben’s head, convinced him that he would stand to clear close to $200,000 in profits if he were to auction off the hot sauce himself on eBay.

Sadly for Ben, his pallets of Sriracha out of Tijuana, were nothing but a scam. Ultimately the expense of paying back the second mortgage was too much to handle and the house was lost. Ben had no recourse but to file for bankruptcy.

When his wife found out about his extra curricular activities, she immediately filed for divorce. “This motherf*cker took a 2nd mortgage out on the house for Sriracha! Proceeded to be unable to pay for the 2nd mortgage and had to declare bankruptcy. Oh ya, and it was all a SCAM. I knew I should have left him when I caught him bidding $800 for a case of Sriracha, I just never realized what a complete idiot I had married.”, said a dejected Cindy Quiroz.Ben was banished from Cindy’s family. Having no family of his own in the area, Ben is now staying at a homeless shelter.


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