Kindergarten Teacher Arrested After Telling Class, “Fat People Shouldn’t Have Children Until They Learn How To Control Their Weight”.


Thousand Oaks, CA- Jennifer Preston (25) has probably taught her last day of school ever. Students came home this past weekend telling their parents’ that, “teacher said, ‘fat people shouldn’t have kids'”. Come Monday morning, there were over a dozen parents waiting to speak with the principal.

When Ms. Preston arrived for work, she was brought in for questioning by the campus police officer. Soon after learning the rumors were true, the officer brought her down to the local police station without incident.

Jennifer Preston confirmed with us that she did in fact say, “Fat people shouldn’t have children until they learn to control their weight”. “Not only that, but what kind of life could they offer their kids? McDonald’s 5 days a week and a parents that run out of breath getting in and out of their car. Nope. Get your fat selves under control, then maybe think about kids. Maybe”, Preston told us from her cell in Ventura County Jail.

It’s probably a good thing Jennifer Preston was found out as early into her career as she was. No telling what kind of damage her sick and twisted mind could have done to children over the years. She is currently being held on child abuse charges. Her bond is set at $75,000.


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