Woman Gets Brand New iPhone 15 Pro Max Stuck In Her Vagina While Shoplifting At Best Buy


Oxnard, CA- Shelia Ryans needed money and she needed it fast. iPhone 15’s sell quick on the streets and she knew that. Shelia knew that Best Buy would be a good target to steal from. At Best Buy, Shelia began to have a conversation with one of the employees, while she constructed a plan to steal the new iPhone 15 Pro Max.

She kept asking the Best Buy employee to show her different models and colors of phones. Once, while his back was turned, she grabbed an iPhone 15 Pro Max and proceeded to put it up under her skirt and into her vagina. After a few minutes pass, Shelia tells the guy that she’s needs to think about it some more before making a decision.

Hastily she walks towards the exit. As she exits the alarm goes off. Shelia shows employees that she has nothing and is about to be let go, when the employee that was helping her ran up and told them an iPhone was missing and that she was the last to be seen with it.

At this point police were called because this was now a possible case of grand theft if they could find the phone on her person. One savvy officer brought a metal detecting wand to the store. The wand discovered the location of the phone and all were shocked to find out where she put it.

Shelia was ordered to remove the product from her undercarriage, but claims she cannot. Thinking she’s lying, Ryans gives permission for the officers to try themselves and they found it lodged itself sideways. Ryans was sent to the hospital for removal of the phone and is out on bond while awaiting trial.

That particular phone is now on eBay hovering around $5,000. When asked if she would do anything different in the future Shelia said, “Ya, I would go for the smaller phone”.


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