Woman Put Her Cheating Husband’s Balls In Boiling Water.


Santa Paula, CA- Rebecca Sampson (47), is sitting in lockup at the Santa Paula police station. She was brought in on felony assault charges after a man showed up to a Santa Paula hospital with a badly burned scrotum. The incident took place on the 2400 Block of 10th Street at around 9:30PM last night.

The victim, Roger Sampson (53) woke to literal searing pain. Mrs. Sampson had used an electric kettle that she plugged into a nearby wall, as a crude torture device on her husband. A husband that she had just found out had been cheating on her and one that always slept in the nude. While he lay sleeping, she lay in wait at his bedside for the kettle to boil. When the water began to bubble and boil, she removed his sheets and placed his scrotum into the boiling hot water.

Roger was startled awake and was able to give his wife a black eye and call an ambulance before passing out from excruciating pain. According to a spokesperson from the hospital, Roger will lose his left testicle and faces multiple reconstructive surgeries to his scrotum and remaining testicle.

“I look forward to a speedy trial where I will share all the details of my cheating husband’s philandering. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he has to describe, on the stand, just what I did to his nuts. That is if he has the balls to face me. You see what I did there? F*ck you Roger!”, Rebecca Sampson gladly told us from jail cell.


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