Organized Crime Boss Kept Her Son Locked In Chains Underneath An Old Abandoned Restaurant. Local Treasure Hunters Hear Man’s Cries For Help


Ojai, CA- Wendy Carlson (63) was arrested after Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies discovered her son being held captive under the families old and abandoned restaurant. Local treasure hunters in the Ojai Valley area were on the hunt for gold veins that were rumored to be underground in the vicinity of the deserted eatery.

Several of the treasure hunters heard cries originating from underneath the restaurant. One man heard “Chocolate. Chocolate. Snickers. Snickers. Not myself without Snickers!”, leading him to believe someone was trapped and starving near by.

Authorities were called in and quickly discovered Wendy Carlson cleaning out a feces bucket used by her son. Within minutes deputies heard the cries for Snickers, and were able to locate 40 year old Carl Carlson strapped to a chair in front of a television. “Carl is obviously developmentally and physically disabled. We are working under the assumption that he was too much for Wendy to handle and she decided to remedy the situation by chaining him up in a chair in-front of a television.”, Deputy Riggins told our reporters.

Carl was taken to a local hospital and within hours was medically cleared and taken to an undisclosed location while authorities work on understanding what actually happened underneath that old eating establishment. Wendy was wrought with anger in being caught and blamed him for “not” keeping his mouth shut. If he had a Snickers Wendy, maybe he would have been more quiet.

Sheriff’s Deputies are refuting any connection between these events and a popular movie from the 1980’s. “Any similarities between this incident and the movie are purely coincidental”, official statement of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.


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