NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO RACISTS! McDonald’s Become The First Major Restaurant Chain To Refuse Service To Racists


Chicago, IL – In stunning move McDonald’s has taken a dramatic and groundbreaking stance on racism. The publicly traded company has taken a big swing by no longer serving racists at their restaurants.

In a press release, spokesman Reagan Trudeau speaks of how this came about and what it means for the future of the company. “We could no longer in good faith provide food to people who thrive on hate. It’s was an easy choice as this demographic is the hardest to please and makes up the largest amount of consumers who demand free food for simple mistakes”.

“We imagine some backlash at first, but are sure that within a short amount of time we will become a source of disdain to racists and the problem will weed itself out as such people tend to hold grudges to the point of forgetting what they were even mad about in the first place”.

So far the restaurants which have enacted this new policy are seeing an uptick in efficiency and are actually making more money as the intelligence of the average customer has increased streamlining the process from beginning to end.


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