Man Who Got Kicked Out Of An All You Can Eat Buffet After Eating 75lbs. Of Food Over 11hrs. Wins $12mil Settlement From Golden Corral


Chicago, Il- Matt Henderson has won a massive 12 million dollar settlement against Golden Corral. Matt was forcefully removed from a Chicago area Golden Corral restaurant after refusing to leave the all you can eat buffet. He had been at the restaurant for 11hrs and had , by the chef’s own estimates, ate upwards of 75lbs. of food when they removed him from the dining area and threw him into the parking lot.

Matt had been a regular at that particular restaurant for the past 5 years and was well known to test the limits of the all you can eat buffet, as well as and the restaurant manager’s patience. On the night when he was thrown out, the manager of that Golden Corral was under immense pressure from the corporate office. They wanted him to reduce the amount of loss that location was having or find himself another job.

The judge who presided over the lawsuit sided with the plaintiff and awarded him 12 million dollars in damages. Ultimately the manager from the restaurant had no real authority to remove Matt Henderson from the restaurant.

Golden Corral issued this statement to; “What happened to Mr. Henderson was and is a tragedy. We run an all you can eat restaurant and it is just that ‘all-you-can-eat‘. The manager who decided to remove Mr. Henderson has been fired. We hope Mr. Henderson will one day choose to eat with us again”.


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