Woman Makes News After Serving Her Husband Spaghetti Sauce Made From Her Period Blood


Bakersfield, CA- Janine Fielder (26) is making headlines in the city of Bakersfield California. Her husband Perry is in the oil and gas industry and often travels to Houston on business. When he returned from his last trip, Janine found several pairs of woman’s panties along with a box of tampons in his luggage. Convinced he was seeing someone on the side, Janine started to formulate a plan of revenge on her cheating husband.

The tampons she found gave her an idea. Friday night is pasta night at the Fielder household, and it being only Monday Janine had plenty of time to put together a special meal for her husband. The idea she got from the box of tampons, was to use her own period blood that began to flow just the night before, and then mix it in with the spaghetti sauce for Friday’s meal. And that’s what she did. For the remaining days of the week she alternated, depending on how heavy her flow was, between tampons and a menstrual cup. When she had several cups of blood ready to add to the meaty sauce, she was ready to begin.

Come Friday night, Perry came home wore out from a long week of work, starving and ready for a meal. Janine set his plate for him, lumped some pasta on a plate and gave her loving husband a generous portion of her “special” sauce. Perry lapped it all up in record time.

After dinner Perry cracked open beer and sat on the couch while Janine cleaned up. Something she was doing in the kitchen caught his eye. She wringing out some sort of object over the pasta sauce. He went in for a closer inspection and saw her using her fingers to squeeze blood out of a tampon and into the spaghetti sauce he had just ate from. Turns out Perry caught Janine in the act. She had had one more tampon to extract blood from.

Perry called the cops on his wife. She was picked up for poisoning, but by the time he showed up at the station to make a report she had already won over the cops by explaining that he was a cheater and even told jokes about him having a small penis. When Perry saw the officers cackling it up with his wife, he decided not to press charges and to just take his lumps. After her compulsory booking photo was finished, a jubilant Janine was driven home by Perry.


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