Man Caught Shoving His Feces (Poop) Into His Ex-Wife’s Dryer Vent At Her New House


Baldwin Park, CA- Lorenzo Campos (33), was caught by his Ex-wife, Izzy, shoving his feces into her dryer vent. Izzy discovered her Ex-husband after she put a load on in the dryer and heard screaming and shouting coming from the side the house.

At around 10:45PM Saturday night, Izzy looked outside to see what all the commotion was. It was her Ex-husband, Lorenzo. He had his arm stuck up to his elbow in her dryer vent and was covered in shit. Turns out he had snuck to the side of her new house with the plan to shove his feces into her dryer vent. Lorenzo had been distraught over their recent divorce.

While Lorenzo was filling the exhaust vent with his excrement, Izzy turned the dryer on. The sudden flow of exhaust from the dryer startled Lorenzo who jerked back causing him to get his arm stuck. Shit came blasting back onto his person and he remained there until authorities were able to extract him.

“I didn’t even know he knew where I lived. I am glad he was caught and I am even more glad I got to grin while he was eating shit!”, a giddy Izzy told us.


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