Walmart Employee Fired After Yelling At Slow Customers; “Hurry Up You Fat F*cks And Move It!”


Darlene Mazinita (47) of Houston Texas, worked at Walmart for over 20 years. In that 20 years, the only time she received a raise is when the minimum wage increased and they were forced to pay her more. She did however receive several promotions that increased her responsibility but not her pocketbook.

One day someone called in sick and she had to cover them on the register like she would routinely do. You have to remember this is in the thick of summer in Houston. This time of year you’re lucky if the temperature dips below the 90’s at night. You can feel the thickness of the humidity. Needless to say Shelia was roasting at the register because the store’s a/c was on the fritz and she had only her little clip-on fan to cool her.

“I can still hear her yelling at me to hurry up” -victimized customer.

Shelia started seething inside. “These fat cows are radiating heat and making me sweat more” she said to herself. There must of been a dozen fatty mc fat fats when she looked down the line. It was then she lost her shit. With no end of the fatsos in sight, Shelia yelled “Hurry up you fat fucks and move it!”

All the large customers got heated and demanded to speak to the manager. Within minutes all the employees were busting up in the break room. Shelia did what they all dreamed of, telling off customers. Shelia was fired by her chuckling manager who told her she would write a glowing recommendation for her next job. All the large folk were given an apology and a coupon for 10% off.


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