DNA Confirms Missing Montana Man Was Turned Into Human Beef Jerky


Butte, MT – Raymond Miller (28) has been missing from Butte, MT for nearly 5yrs now and with the breaking case of Shep Arnold and his human jerky arrest, authorities have connected DNA from Miller to jerky found in Shep’s Goods.

With the arrest of Arnold the FBI had been sending out DNA samples from jerky known to be made from human flesh. There was a DNA hit linking to a 28yr old man named Raymond Miller. In 2014 Miller went to Butte to decompress after a lengthy divorce and wanted to spend the summer there. Miller got a job at Shep’s to help pass the time and meet local townsfolk.

During August of 2014 Miller suddenly stopped contact with his children and after a week of not being heard from his family called local authorities to do a welfare check on him. There were no signs of Miller or foul play. The fact that he went through a nasty divorce, authorities were under the assumption that he had just taken off again.

In 2014 Shep Arnold was interviewed and had this to say, “Ray was an excellent employee. He helped out a lot with making jerky. He had a real knack for it. It’s a damn shame that he has is gone in the wind. I’m sure a part of him will always be with us”. Little did anyone know how prophetic Arnold’s words would be.

Fast forward to May 2020 and Miller had been missing for close to 6yrs and Shep had just been arrested for making human jerky. DNA was extracted from human jerky and was placed into a database. In about two weeks police had a hit, it was Raymond Miller. His DNA had been entered into the national database 1yr after his disappearance from samples provided by his family.

Shep Arnold is already being held without bail in a Butte Jail. Now he also has a capital murder charge hanging over his head.


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