Man Suing Walmart, Breaks Down On The Stand Recounting The Story Of The Self-Checkout Cashier Who Verbally Assaulted And Over-Charged Him


Oxnard, CA- William Masterson (51), had an emotional day of testimony in which he recounted a harrowing experience involving himself and a rude and verbally abusive self-checkout cashier who overcharged him at Walmart.

William filed the civil suit back in November after he discovered that he was doubled charged for a television he purchased in the self-checkout line. “It wasn’t until after I had gotten home that I realized I had been charged twice for the one television I had bought! That blasted self-checkout machine scanned the box twice without my consent. Not to mention how rude the self-checkout cashier was to me. He kept telling me to, “hurry up you fat bum”. I have never been talked down to so rudely by a cashier before in my life! And to top it off the older gentleman who checked my receipt at the door, never mentioned I was missing an entire second television in my cart, further adding my high level of frustration. So I guess it’s not okay to steal, but is okay to be overcharged. I really had no choice but to take the mega giant retail store to court”, a clearly emotional William Masterson said in court this past Friday.

Legal experts across the country are keeping an eye on this one of a kind and monumentally important civil case that has the potentiality to alter the legal landscape of self-checkout practices across the world.

Masterson is seeking 2 million dollars in damages from his traumatic self-checkout experience.


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