Over 350 Stitches Were Needed To Sew Up Woman’s Vagina After Doctors Removed A Stuck Gear Shifter


Houston Texas- Jennifer Collins arrived at a local hospital with a gear shift lodged deep in her vagina. She claims the shifter broke off during a game of rough house and that it was a “freak accident”. Videos posted to Instagram and YouTube show otherwise.

For reasons unknown, Ms. Collins masturbated with the gear shifter joyfully for several minutes before it unexpectedly broke off at the base, leaving the majority of the shifter stuck inside her vagina. She was taken to the hospital by friends who had been egging her on. “She will stick anything up there”, says friend Cathy.

“Fortunately for Ms. Collins we were able to completely remove the entire gear shifter”, Dr. Shinovi

Doctors feverishly worked to remove the stuck shifter before it could puncture her internal organs. After 2 hours of surgery, a doctor reached in with both hands and carefully removed the shifter. Ms. Collins received 350 stitches to her vagina to close up the hole. A quick thinking nurse also threw in an extra 50 stitches so that her next boyfriend would not feel so inadequate.

She is expected to make a full recovery and vows to only drive automatic cars from here on out.


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