Man Mauled To Death By A Tiger He Purchased Illegally From Joe Exotic As A Kitten


Las Vegas, NV- Brad Turner (25) has passed away from injuries sustained from a tiger attack in his home this past Saturday. 6 years ago Mr. Turner was approach by Joe Exotic on a beach and the two struck up a special friendship. Joe told him he would give him a good deal on a baby tiger if he ever wanted one.

Mr. Turner took him up on his offer and purchased (illegally) a tiger kitten, he would later name Gladys. All was well in the beginning when Gladys was still small. Just like any kid who wants a puppy, it’s all fun and games while it’s still a pup, but a full grown animal is a different story. Brad would quickly find out that raising a tiger was not just different story, but that Gladys would also write the final chapter on his life.

Brad Turner lacked the training and environment one needs to properly house a tiger. So, when a fully grown Gladys became aggressive, he had no tools to calm her down. Brad scolded Gladys for some trivial reason and she came at him with a paw across the face which struck him down. Reports from the scene say that arms and legs were scattered in different rooms and that intestines were stretched out in all directions.

“Let this be another lesson for the folks out there that think tigers are house pets. These beautiful creatures will kill your ass dead”, said tiger expert Leo Clavalo from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Gladys will be re-homed to a tiger sanctuary where she can live out her life in peace. “Hopefully this story can save lives. The lives of tigers and of the people who may thinking owning one is a good idea. IT’S NOT A GOOD IDEA”, said Clavalo.


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