Man Forcefully Removed From Airplane When He Would Not Stop Passing Gas (Farting)


Los Angeles, CA- Lewis Carmichael (27) of Fountain Valley was escorted off of Spirit flight 203 at LAX airport after repeated several failed attempts by flight attendants to get him to stop passing gas. Flight 203 was to be headed to Phoenix Arizona where Carmichael was to attend a comic book convention.

Before the plane could even taxi for take-off, passengers started to complain of an atrocious smell. Flight attendants were able to pinpoint the source of the foul smell to Lewis Carmichael. Each flight attendant took turns trying to get him to cooperate. A belligerent Carmichael, refused to fess up to being the gas passer. It was obvious to all onboard, that this man was defiling the airplane and that something needed to be done for the good of all passengers.

Frustrated flight crew called TSA agents onto the plane in a last ditch attempt to get the situation under control. The presence of federal agents made no difference and the horrendous smells continued. TSA agents had no other recourse than forcefully extract Lewis Carmichael from his seat and place him into custody.

Lewis Carmichael was subsequently picked up by LAPD and taken to Los Angeles county jail where his actions on Spirit flight 203 could land him in federal prison. TSA and local law enforcement are still searching for answers as to why Carmichael behaved in this manner. Stayed tuned to Daily News Reported for updates.


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