Man Arrested After Sending 100’s Of Used Dildos To The Whitehouse On Valentine’s Day So, “Joe Biden Can Go F*ck Himself!”


Washington, DC- Kurt Fellows (67), is being held by the Secret Service at an undisclosed location after a shipment containing close to 1000 previously used sex toys (dildos) arrived at the Whitehouse on Valentine’s Day addressed to President Biden. The letter attached to the shipment said, “Happy Valentine’s Day Sleepy Joe. Since you like to fuck all of us, why don’t you go fuck yourself?”.

While sending an unsolicited shipment of dildos to the President is grounds for arrest, not to mention a possible health concern, the addition of the letter (which for reasons of national security cannot be fully disclosed to the public at this time), put Kurt Fellows at the top of the todo list for the Secret Service. Federal agents went to Kurt Fellows’ Montana ranch and arrested him without incident.

Once in custody the self-proclaimed “Patriot” became belligerent and aggressive to the point where he had to be sedated and put into a straight jacket. Letters from friends, family, and acquaintances are already arriving in droves pleading for the release of Kurt Fellows. It’s clear his actions met with the support of his peers.

It is understood the Kurt Fellows had been collecting used sex toys from like minded women in the Montana area and that they were “more” than pleased with the idea of the President receiving a giant shipment of their sex toys for Valentine’s Day. No official statement from the Whitehouse has been released at time of this writing.


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