Walmart Is Giving Out One Free Ham To Anyone Who Can Outrun Security This Holiday Season


As a thank you to its customers, Walmart Inc. will be giving out one free ham per person who can outrun their security team. Walmart tells us that they saved so much money by using self-checkout lanes that they can afford to hand out well over 12 million hams this holiday season. “We are in the business of passing savings onto our customers. The “Ham Run” is our way of saying thank you for being a friend!”, Walmart media relations.

Some people are speculating that this “promotion” may be one sided as not many people who frequent Walmart can actually run. Because of the possibility of injuries occurring during these “Ham Run’s”, Walmart will require all participants to sign a waiver before participating.

The jury is still out on whether electric carts may be used. The promotion will run until 12 noon on Christmas Eve.


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