Transgender Woman Impregnates 37 Fellow Female Patients At Mental Hospital.


Alice McEleny (44) of Bakersfield California, has been put into solitary confinement in a secure federal maximum security prison under the tightest security. Because of the heinousness of her crimes, her current location will not be disclosed to the public for fear of retaliation. Alice, who was born Alex McElney, was serving time at Wallbrook State Hospital for 2 counts of second degree murder which she was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Because Alice is legally a woman, the state of California was required to house her with other women. Within 3 months of her confinement, female patients began to get pregnant. Male orderlies, janitors, doctors, nurses, guards, any male who could have had contact with the pregnant were DNA tested as possible contributors. Because of patients rights in California, no patient of the hospital could be compelled to produce a DNA sample without permission. When the results came in from that DNA that was collected, there were no matches to pinpoint a suspect.

The F.B.I. took less than a week to zero in on Alice McEleny as a suspect.

Several more months passed and the number of pregnant patients grew to 25. At this point the F.B.I. became involved. Within 1 week special agents had Alice McEleny as their prime suspect. “We read the files of all patients. We don’t know how anyone missed the opportunity to at least question Alice McEleny. Reading her file we became aware that she still had fully functioning male genitalia and once a judge grants us permission, we will test Ms. McEleny as a possible contributor”, said Special Agent Brett Mattingly.

By the time they collected Alice’s DNA the number of pregnant patients had reached 17. Within a week results were back and they confirmed what the had F.B.I. believed, that Alice was the the person whom had impregnated each of the 37 female patients at Wallbrook State Hospital.

The ramifications of what went on in Wallbrook State Hospital are bound to ripple throughtout America’s penal system. Alice will faces 37 charges of rape with special circumstances. It is believed that whatever sentence is passed, that Alice will never have one on one physical contact with another human being again.


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