Police Need Your Help Finding This Escaped Federal Convict. Here Is A Picture Of Her With And Without Glasses


Butte, MT- Bethany Sanders (31) was returning from a court hearing in Butte Montana where she was testifying against her uncle Shep Arnold in his human beef jerky trail. Sanders was hoping for a reduced sentence for her testimony.

Sanders was complicit in some of the lesser crimes related to the human jerky saga and had good information for prosecutors. After the first day of testimony Sanders was being returned to Butte Federal Women’s Prison In Butte when the transport bus popped a tire and it ran off a bridge.

She sometimes wears glasses. Please be mindful of this.

Several inmates fled the scene including Sanders. At the moment all escapees have been caught except for Bethany. Bethany has two distinctive looks. One with Glasses and one without. Police urge you to take a good look at both images and the glasses drastically change her appearance. She is not considered armed or dangerous unless you are fleshy in which case you are at risk to be turned into jerky.

Authorities ask that you call them immediately if you spot her.


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