Mom Has Sex With 12 Varsity Football Players Trying To Help Her Son Make The Team. Her Plan Backfires When She Gets Pregnant.


Tomball, Texas- A 41 year old woman, Charlotte Andersen has been arrested after word leaked that she is pregnant and that the father is one of 12 high school varsity football players. Of those 12, 7 of them are under the age of consent for consensual sexual relations with an adult in the state of Texas. If the child is that of one of the 7 boys, Mrs. Anderson will face an additional felony charge for statutory rape with extenuating circumstances to go along with the 7 charges that are already pending.

Of the 5 remaining boys, whom are men by the letter of the law, they may face charges of facilitating to the delinquency of minors, by helping coordinate relations between the perpetrator and the underage victims.

“Mrs. Andersen is as much a degenerate criminal as any that I come into contact with. She is going to have plenty of time to repent in the coming years”

Charlotte Andersen is the mother of one, an 11th grader, who because of his age will remain protected by law and his name will not be made public. Her son was desperate to make the varsity football team but lacked the social connections to make the team in what is a highly competitive environment with pressures that are greater than many adults face on a day to day basis.

Charlotte found out who the team captains were and organized all the sexual rendezvous through them for all the players that she slept with. All 12 players have taken DNA tests to find out who is the father of Mrs. Andersen’s child. Charlotte is currently awaiting trail in the Harris County Jail, she faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted on all charges. Her son’s father, Clinton, has taken custody of the boy and relocated him away from the drama his mother started.


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