2nd Grade Student Dies After Teacher Sits On Him As A Punishment


Los Angeles, CA- Stephanie Morrow (27), is in Los Angeles County Jail after a student of hers passed away from injuries sustained while Ms. Morrow was attempting to “calm” the 8 year old boy down.

The child whose name is being withheld due to his age, made a crude remark about the weight of Ms. Morrow. Students from the classroom all say that their teacher said something along the lines of , “Oh, so you think my weight is funny? It’s funny to you? How about I show you how funny my weight really is. Sit in this chair in front of the class or I will send you to the office”.

At that the child sat in the chair while the other students sat at their desks not sure whether to laugh or be afraid. Stephanie Morrow proceeded to sit directly on the 65lb. child with her 375lb. adult frame. After 30 seconds the child stopped moving and after another 30 seconds the teacher got up while the child slumped to the ground.

“Stephanie Morrow weighs well over 5 times more than the boy she sat on. As a teacher she had to have known how serious the consequences of sitting on the child would have been”, Dr. Restro of UCLA Medical Center

The students began to cry and scream which caught the attention of the on duty school police officer down the hall. When the officer arrived, there was an 8 year old child with a blue face on the ground in front of a classroom full of crying students. Ms. Morrow immediately tried to down play the situation, but the students rallied together into a united front and told the officer that she was to blame.

It took two set of Flex Cuffs to get Ms. Morrow’s hands secure behind her back. She faces up to 25 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter. On scene paramedics believe the child’s rig cage broke and punctured both lungs. It is estimated he died about 50 seconds after being sat on. If Stephanie Morrow sat on him 15 seconds less, he may have lived.


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