Woman Decapitates Boyfriend For Seeing Someone On The Side.


San Fransisco, CA- Trisha Paulson (26) has been arrested for the decapitation and murder of her boyfriend, Charles Ludlow. Trisha was observed trying to lift the victim’s body into in a dumpster behind a Ralph’s super market. Unable to get his body in the dumpster, she left it on the ground and was able to toss his head in up and in with minimal effort. Store employees, who witnessed the disposal, called authorities and within an hour she was arrested. After waiving her right to remain silent, she was sat down for questioning by homicide detectives.

Trish told them that Charles had a “wondering eye” and that he was always “looking” at other woman. “I just had this suspicious feeling that he was seeing someone on the side. No matter what I did, I just could not shake this feeling he was being unfaithful”. On top of that she claimed he was afraid to look her in the eye like he was hiding something. “Even when we made love, he would never look me in the eyes. That was pretty much all the proof I needed that he was cheating on me”, Trisha said to detectives.

Police didn’t need to hear much more. They arrested and charged Trisha Paulson for premeditated first degree murder and she is currently awaiting trial where she is expected to stick to her defense that he was “seeing someone on the side”.


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