Woman Caught Performing Oral Sex On Her Comatose Boyfriend. Claims She Was Trying To “Wake Him Up With My Mouth”


Los Angeles, CA- Monica Villarreal (27) was caught by medical staff at the Los Angeles Community Hospital performing oral sex on her comatose boyfriend, Oscar Campos. Oscar had been in a coma for close to 4 months at the time of the incident. A heroin overdose had led to Oscar’s being in a coma. During his 4 month stay, Monica would visit as often as possible to pray at his side and be there just incase he woke up.

When her prayers for Oscar to wake up never came to fruition, the idea came to her to perform oral sex on him. According to Monica, Oscar loved nothing more than to be woken up with a blow job. That’s all the thought that went into her proceeding to engage in sexual activity with her comatose boyfriend.

A pair of nurses making rounds caught Monica in the act of fellatio. One of the nurses alerted the on-duty Sheriff’s deputy and an arrest was subsequently made. When questioned, Monica claimed to be trying to help her boyfriend out, “I was just trying to wake his with my mouth”. That may have been the case, but it is also wildly inappropriate to sexually engage a comatose person and as she would later find out, illegal too.

Monica is being charged 2 felony counts of sexual assault and is being held on a 72hr psychological hold at a mental health facility at time of this writing.


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