Woman Bites Off Her Boyfriends Penis When It Started Speaking To Her In Tongues 😱


Tamika Salazar was apprehended by police after a frantic call came in from a man claiming that Salazar had bitten his penis off. The male caller was Tamika’s fiancée, Dorell. The two had been in bed having relations over the weekend. There was lots of drinking going on and the two were quite enjoying themselves prior to the incident.

At one point Tamika Salazar decided she would perform oral sex on Dorell. Once positioned properly Tamika began to pleasure her man. According to Tamika it was then that her boyfriend’s penis began speaking to her in “tongues“.

When Dorell’s penis began reciting religious jargon to Tamika, Tamika freaked out believing the Devil had taken the form of Dorell’s penis and was planning on harming her. In her own words, “I had no choice but to defeat the Devil. I bit off his penis believing the Evil One had inhabited it”. While that may sound somewhat reasonable to Tamika, no one else is buying it.

After a 72hr psychological evaluation, Tamika will be arraigned on charges of assault with intent to do bodily harm, 1st degree assault with depraved indifference and sexual assault in the 2nd degree. Dorell is recovering at an undisclosed location after a successful penis reattachment surgery.


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