The Man Responsible For Over 100 Million Sheep Being Sold Into Sex Slavery, Has Been Apprehended Trying To Flee Afghanistan


Abdullah Mohammed Rammadana has been captured trying to escape Afghanistan. Rammadana was being hunted by the Taliban for not paying taxes for all the sheep that he had sold into sex slavery. The Taliban doesn’t let people get away with not paying their taxes for very long.

Rammadana is the world’s largest supplier of sheep bound for sex slavery. It is estimated that he has led over 102.3 million sheep into a life of forced sex at the hands of some extremely depraved men. The trafficking of sheep is a booming business in the Middle East and Rammadana has long been compared to the likes of El Chapo and Pablo Escobar; for the size and scope of his operation and the sheer amount of cash it produces.

The Taliban will most likely publicly execute Rammadana and place someone of their choosing as the next Czar of sheep. The sheep sex slave industry is the largest provider of donations to the Taliban and ISIS. With Rammadana soon to be executed, the Taliban are primed to take over the sheep sex trade, helping them further expand their influence in the Middle East and beyond.


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