Man Faces 20 Years In Prison For Tattooing A Dog Penis On His Wife’s Face While She Lay Passed Out Drunk


Ben Owens (34) of Oxnard California is sitting in Ventura County Jail on first degree assault charges. This past weekend Ben tattooed a red penis on his wife, Melissa’s cheek while she lay passed out and unconscious on the bed after drinking too much alcohol. Earlier that night Ben had caught her flirting with one of his friends. He didn’t let on that he knew about her wandering eye.

At around 1am on the morning of Sunday August 14th, Ben setup his tattoo gun and began the process of tattooing. In about 25 minutes he was done. He made the penis red like a dog’s because in his own words, “she could go suck a dog’s dick for all I care”.

A dejected Melissa (32), poses for a photo to later be introduced as evidence in Ben’s trial.

Tattooing people without their knowledge or consent is a crime that is steadily on the rise. Ventura county prosecutors will be seeking the maximum punishment allowed by law, 20 years in state prison. This is to dissuade potential duplicate crimes in the future. “Tattooing someone without permission is a despicable act. Putting a penis on someone’s face is the epitome of depraved indifference”, said local attorney Frances Merryweather ESQ.

Melissa will be filing a civil suit against Ben once the criminal trail has concluded.


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