German Shepards Emasculate Would Be Thief As He Tries To Climb Through A Window


Los Angeles, CA- Terry Denton (53), was attempting to break into a home late Wednesday night in the 1600 Block of Pico Ave. Denton has a long history of petty theft and vagrancy. On this particular night he was trying to find items to sell in exchange for drugs. The house he decided on invading had several empty boxes from expensive electronics waiting to be picked up the next day by the garbage man. He decided this house would contain just what he needed to get his drugs.

Strangely, Terry had no trouble in finding an open window to crawl into. What he did not take into account was the gate to the backyard being open. Denton opened the window wide enough to fit through and proceeded to hoist himself up.

When Denton was about halfway through the window, 2 large German Shepards appeared from the backyard. The dogs tried to extract him from the window and in doing so ripped his pants off. Mr. Denton’s exposed backside soon started looking good to one of the dogs who put his front legs on the windowsill and mounted him from behind.

It is said by witnesses that Denton wailed out in displeasure as the German Shepard forced himself inside the mans anus doggystyle. This is not the first case of a thief being raped by a dog in Los Angeles, but news of this kind never gets easier to read.

Authorities arrived in time to spare Terry Denton the wrath of the second dog that was just about to take its turn on his anus. Denton is being charged with breaking and entering. The homeowner and the dogs are absolved of any wrong doing. It is said that Denton’s fellow inmates bark at him when he walks by. Let this example of instant karma bring a second thought to anyone thinking of breaking and entering.


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