Thief Regrets Trying To Steal A Booby Trapped Package Off Of A Korean War Vets Porch


Oxnard, CA- Jason Powers (28) is being held at Ventura County Jail after he was caught tying to steal an Amazon package off the porch of a Korean War Army Veteran. The homeowner, Clyde Johnson (86) is a retired military man who served in the pacific theatre during WWII. Clyde was tired of his packages getting stolen before he had a chance to retrieve them.

Clyde used some of his military expertise to construct a package that would explode if not handled carefully. Late on the night of August 3rd, Clyde drew his curtains, turned on the porch light and placed the armed package on the ground. About an hour later Jason Powers began to make his way to Clyde’s porch.

Mr. Johnson hid in the shadows so that he could witness the thief get instant karma. “I was sitting in a lawn chair when that little bastard showed up to take my package. I put my cigar out and waited for the fireworks. That jackass bent down to pick up the package and boom! It was like I was back in the war. That mother fucker never knew what hit him!”, Clyde Johnson recounted with laughter.

Jason Powers is expected to recover from the explosion as his injuries were mostly superficial. He is to be arraigned at the beginning of next week as could face up to 15 years in prison.


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