90 Year Old Grandmother Fed Her Family Grandpa’s Body For Sunday Dinner


Oxnard, CA – Elizabeth Montgomery was arrested January 26th without incident for allegedly feeding her family the remains of late husband for Sunday night dinner. “Once a month we would go over to Grandma Montgomery’s for Sunday dinner. The month after Grandad disappeared was a particular hard time for us all. We knew without his medication that he had probably passed away soon after going missing. This was the first dinner I can remember without him there. It was tough, but Grandma was stoic”, said grandson Phillip.

On that particular night it was quite chilly, so some of Elizabeth’s famous homemade beef stew seemed like the perfect way to warm up. Little did everyone know just how homemade the stew was!

One family member who attended dinner that night had this to say under the condition of anonymity, “the atmosphere that night was sullen, but towards the end of the meal we were all laughing and telling stories of Grandad. I think it was what we all needed”.

Is this mild mannered grandmother a cold blooded killer??

All 6 people who ate the stew (sans Elizabeth) ended up at St. John’s hospital with what doctors could only describe as E-coli like symptoms. Tests were done and it was not E-coli. One Doctor decided to test a stool sample to see what he could find. The genetic markers a human were found. Soon the other 5 were tested and the results were the same. “The only conclusion that would could come up with was that these patients had ingested human flesh”, said one doctor.

It was quickly attributed to that Sunday dinner at Mrs. Montgomery’s house. Montgomery never got sick herself and she did have the same stew which begs the question, “had she become used to eating human flesh?”. DNA tests are being run to see if there is a match to her late husband, but because of the COVID-19 virus everything is moving at a snails pace.

As of February 8th 2023, Mrs. Montgomery was being held without bail at the Ventura County Jail while authorities and prosecutors decide what charges to bring against her. An investigation into her husbands “disappearance” is also feverishly being looked into. It is likely a plea agreement will be reached because of her age.

No further details are available, but stayed tuned to as the story unfolds.


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