Wyoming Butcher Caught Selling Human Meat


Pinedale, WY- Frederick “Fred” Paulson (73), has been a pillar of the Pinedale community for the last 40 years. His butcher shop, “Fred’s Fine Meats” is the go-to spot for townsfolk when they are in the market for tasty meats. Fred specializes in the kind of quality meats that you can’t find at the supermarkets. A three time butcher of the year award winner, Freddy is likable and as affable of figure as your going to find in and around the Pinedale area.

Out of nowhere the day came when people started getting sick from eating some of Fred’s Fine Meats. Within a month, 17 people had complained of some sort of ailment that they linked to Fred and his meats. One poor lady who eaten one of his steaks, passed away due to a mysterious stomach virus.

Pinedale is a small town and the size and scope of this case was just coming into picture for the local authorities. Criminal investigators from the FDA were called in to aid in the Pinedale Police in finding out what it was about Fred’s meats that got everyone so sick. Of the 17 known cases; 10 have had blood in their stools, 12 had loose or runny stools, 11 people threw up, 9 people contracted a fever, 4 had sweats and chills, 1 person died, and 3 people had hallucinations. The FDA took samples from all the various meats at Fred’s Fine Meats for testing.

“Our community is in shock after hearing what Fred has been up to all these year”, Pinedale resident Frank Menard.

It took 6 weeks to process and test all the different meats the FDA brought in for examination. Every specimen contained DNA derived from a human being. Shocked at their findings, the FDA sent samples of all the meats to the FBI to verify their results. The FBI came to the same conclusion as did the FDA, the meat being sold by Frederick Paulson did in fact come from humans.

Once the FBI confirmed the results, Frederick Paulson was placed under arrest. He is being held at an undisclosed location until the investigation into the source of meat can be verified. The FBI and FDA, along with Pinedale Police, are asking anyone with meat originating from Fred’s Fine Meats, to turn it in to their local police station and to be seen by a doctor at their earliest convenience.

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