The Family Of Brandon Lee Has Formally Changed His Name To “Brian Lee” After American’s “Ruined” The Name Brandon


The family of Brandon Lee has issued this statement; “Today we have officially changed the name of our beloved Brandon Lee to Brian Lee. His father Bruce chose his name and it was always special to us. It saddens us to have to take such action, but in response to the overwhelming negative press that his name was causing, we felt that his everlasting sleep should not be marred with people chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” at his gravesite any longer.”

“Fortunately our family has the means to take these corrective measures. To help the rest of the suffering Brandon’s out there, we as a family, are putting together a fund to help support name changes of any Brandon who has also been adversely affected by this ‘Movement’. While we support no political party or speak from any kind of hidden agenda, we cannot for the life of us understand the fascination Americans have with this particular name.”

“We thank Brian and Bruce’s fans for their never ending support. We could not of done this without you!” – The Lee Family.


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