Newly Re-elected California Governor Gavin Newsom Is Pulling The Plug On Christmas. Get Ready For “Winter Day”


Sacramento, CA- Reports from the capital have leaked that the majority of California lawmakers, led by Governor Gavin Newsom are ready to pull the plug on Christmas starting this year. “There are so many different faiths and religions in our great state, that to limit time off from work for a single one of them and not recognize the rest, is a fundamental problem”, said senior cabinet member Dr. Jay Bowlin.

Governor Newsom told this to our reporters, “It’s time. It’s time to move on from the antiquated and nostalgic. If we are not growing and adapting, we are just wasting time. The few should not dictate for the many. I am beyond excited for the first ever Winter Day!”.

Years back California led the charge to change “Christmas Break or Christmas Vacation” to “Winter break”. With the success of that endeavor it seems likely that this will be a smooth transition for most. With a huge part of the world taking the 25th of December off to spend with family, California plans to keep December 25th a holiday day, but will now be recognized as “Winter Day”.

Feathers are sure to be ruffled, but senior cabinet member Dr. Jay Bowlin had this to say in response to would be detractors, “We’re trying to do our best to respect the Constitution of America by separating Church and State. We’re not cancelling Christmas. We can’t do that. However as a state of elected officials we have a responsibility to make the right call for the benefit of all Californians”.


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