Man Successfully Sues His Mother For $27mil For Giving Birth To Him. Gets $1mil For Each Year He’s Been Alive


San Diego, CA- Chad Ledbetter (27), has had a long and painful life. Ruthlessly bullied through primary school, he turned to drugs in his teens to cope and was locked away in mental institutions throughout his 20’s. Life has not been easy on Chad and he has never been shy about saying so. Not a smart man, nor a talented man, Chad has just barely gotten by in life. Severe depression and crippling anxiety are the mainstays of his life.

A pragmatic man, Chad often wondered if he would of been better off having never been born. His life was more downs than ups and he had so much to account for by just being alive. His parents were never married and his father left before he was born. His mother Jenny dreamed that her child would complete her and fill that emptiness left by his absent father. Jenny had Chad in hopes of being loved unconditionally. What she did not account for was all the misery he would endure by just being born.

Chad decided to sue his mother, not only for himself but for the countless lives of suffers who never asked to be born but were living in pain. Now children get mad at parents all the time. Many are the children who have wished they were never born. Few are the ones who go all the way to court with their grievances.

The court case was laid out brilliantly by Chad’s legal team. His team presented two scenarios to the court. Each were descriptions of heinous crimes. One scenario was that of a kidnapping victim and the other was that of a painful life lived by someone who did not ask to be here on earth. The more shocking of the two stories was believed to be that of a kidnapping victim, but the reality was that the life of someone who didn’t ask to be here was more traumatic than that of kidnapping victim by miles. All this to bring up a comparison between his mother and that of a kidnapper.

By the end of his lawyer’s presentation, the entire courtroom had a new perspective on what it meant to bring a life into this world. “The life of a kidnapping victim pales in comparison to that of a child who was forced into life. Chad has been victimized his entire life. To start, he was given life and all that comes with it. Second, he was now responsible to act and behave in ways just to assimilate in society. He didn’t ask for this yet he must take responsibility or face society’s consequences. Third, if he acknowledges he does not want to be here on earth he gets locked up in a mental health facility. He is in a living hell quite frankly and we are all to blame, but no one is more to blame than his mother Jenny. She wanted to feel love, so she had a child. I can think of few things more selfish and when that didn’t solve her problems the Life she brought into the world was the one who paid the consequences. Therefore it is my judgement that Jenny Ledbetter pay $27 Million to her son. $1 million for each year of his life. Furthermore Ms. Ledbetter must make a formal apology to her son for her selfishness in bringing a life into this world.”, Judge Reginald Graves.


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