4th Grade Teacher Arrested After Telling African American Child To “Wash With Dawn Soap And Maybe That Black Will Wash Out And You’ll Learn To Act Right”


Beaumont, TX- A school teacher by the name of Carla Ross (29), has been arrested after reports surfaced that she told an African American child to, “Wash with Dawn soap and maybe that black will wash out and you’ll learn to act right”. Carla has made comments over the years that have made fellow teachers uncomfortable. “Never once did we know just how much of a racist she was. She would crack a joke here or there in front of us. We usually laughed nervously back at her. She is a large woman and can be intimidating. I never thought she would say such nasty, disgusting things to a student. She showed her true colors and I hope she spends many years thinking about what she’s done.”, said a teacher who wished to remain anonymous.

Sadly, Carla does not deny any of this, in-fact she reiterated the same sentiments while being interviewed by police, “She flatly said that if ‘Black people could just remove the black from their skin, I would see them as equals’ She is a disgusting excuse of a person.”, Sgt. Ronny Bridges.

According to friends and family of Carla, she has been an outcast from them for many years because of “her warped views on reality”. Carla Ross is being charge with a hate crime with special circumstances. She is facing 15 years in prison. The school which she formerly taught at, had all its children who wanted to willingly write a letter to the judge depicting how Ms. Ross’s actions had effected them. All the children said in one way or the other that, “We can do better. We can be better as people than she was. We can overcome and we will not let hate win. Please don’t ever let her teach again.”. Hopefully the judge takes into account all the ways Carla Ross’s action have negatively effected those around her.


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