Afraid His Roommate May Be A Serial Killer, Man Stabs Him 97 Times To Be Sure No One Gets Hurt


Oxnard, CA- Evan Gallagher (27), was arrested late last night after neighbors called in to report a potential physical altercation happening in the apartment next door. When authorities arrived on scene, one of the first things they noticed what the smell, “The air was permeated with the smell of copper. This was caused by the immense amount of blood at the scene. To call this crime scene a bloodbath would not be overstatement”, said Officer Carlos Gutierrez who was the first to arrive on scene.

Evan Gallagher had stabbed his roommate, Peter Fiens (33), a total of 97 times. Over half of the wounds were inflicted post mortem. The two met when Peter had responded to an ad that Evan put out seeking a roommate. They had been living together just a couple short months before the incident occurred.

Having just finished watching the, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix, Evan began to suspect that his roommate may either be an active, or at the very least, a potential serial killer. Having watched Dahmer and all his near misses, Evan was not going to let Peter get away so easily.

Peter bore a slight resemblance to the infamous killer, Dahmer. That coupled with an odd disposition was enough to convince Evan Gallagher that he was doing the right thing when he stabbed his roommate to death. “I was preventing the death of innocents by ending his life. I challenge anyone to act different if they were in my shoes”.

An exhaustive investigation was done into the life of Peter Fiens and not so much as a parking ticket was found to be issued in his name. “There was zero evidence that Mr. Fiens had even one evil bone in his body. By all accounts he was a quiet man who like to read and keep to himself. Mr. Gallagher, after watching a television show on Jeffrey Dahmer, became obsessed with the idea that his roommate, Peter Fiens was a potential serial killer and that it was up to Evan to save all the potential victims. By killing Mr. Fiens, Evan Gallagher became the very evil he thought he was stopping”, said lead Detective Charles Bustamont√©.

Mr. Gallagher is currently sitting in Ventura County Jail where he will stay on remand until the time of his trial which is expected to start at the beginning of the new year.


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