This North Dakota Man Was Arrested After His Best Selling “Beef” Jerky Is Found To Be Made Of Human Meat


Jamestown, ND – 73 year old Clint Bowman has been arrested for selling dehydrated human meat, A.K.A. jerky at his general store “Clint’s Goods”. As it turns out, not all of “Clint’s Goods” are “Good”.

Bowman has been running his general store for the last 35 years and over time a cult following for his distinctive jerky grew by word of mouth. Most everyone who had the opportunity to visit Jamestown, would get a some of Clint’s jerky.

It just so happened that an executive from Jack Links was staying in Jamestown for a family event. He decided to purchase some of Clint’s jerky and take it back to work and see if anyone there could tell what it is that made Clint’s jerky so special.

When the jerky made its way back to the Jack Links factory, it was given to the in-house scientists to run tests on. The scientists had high hopes of deciphering what ingredients Bowman was using for his delicious jerky. What they didn’t expect was that the meat wasn’t that of a cow, but instead it was that of a HUMAN! Tests were also ran by an independent lab to verify the results by Jack Links. Again, Human meat.

Skipper, the K-9, was really all in on this investigation providing important leads and clues with his sniffer. Authorities were stunned as many of them had enjoyed Clint’s Jerky.

Local authorities arrested Bowman on suspicion of using human meat for his jerky that he sold to the public, but police also needed to find his supply of meat.

Turns out about once a year in the summer, Clint hires a new “helper” for his store. “Summer is a busy time and I can use the extra help for a few months”, said Bowman. What he neglected to say, but was later found out by authorities, was that 3 of these men who were hired on as “helpers” had been reported missing by friends and family.

It doesn’t take much for the Jamestown authorities to put 2 and 2 together and place Clint Bowman under arrest for making and selling the human meat. While locked up, authorities hope to connect the missing men to Clint’s jerky via DNA samples given by the missing men’s families.

As more is brought to light, we will update this story.


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