A California Town Has Increased Local Small Business Profits And Decreased Homelessness By Refusing To Serve People With Entitled “Karen” Haircuts


Ventura, CA- A collective of local business owners with no franchise or corporate headquarter affiliations to worry about, have done something quite extraordinary in the town of Ventura California, “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, right? Well our mom and pop coffee shop has flourished since we ‘canceled’ Karen’s. We’ve done some analytical research and found that for every 1 Karen we turn away, we get 3 quality customers in return. Business has never been better!”, Clyde Owens local business owner told our reporters.

There has been backlash from the entitle middle class mavens, but their moans and cries have even fallen on the deaf ears of local police. “I cannot tell you how this has happened, but since our local businessmen and women have refused to serve the Complaint of Karens, grades in schools have risen across all schools and grade levels. The most miraculous thing to occur has been a 24% drop in homelessness, many believe this is because these voraciously petty women are no longer getting innocent people fired after their maniacal complaints. I am proud to serve in a town that stands up to bullies!”, officer Matthew Longineau of VPD.

*Follow up. Traffic has decreased and gas prices dropped by almost 1 dollar in Ventura after news of this story broke.


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