Woman Sentenced 210 Years In Prison For Forcing Two Jehovah’s Witness To Have Anal Sex With Each Another.


Los Angeles, CA- Rebecca “Becky” Carruthers (52), has been sentenced to 210 years in prison for her involvement in the kidnapping and sexual slavery of two Sherman Oaks men. On October 17 2021 two young men arrived at Becky Carruthers front door. They were there to spread the word of God and if they only knew the devil that would answer the door, they would have turned and ran away.

Becky invited the men in for some water and they obliged. That was the biggest mistake of their lives. Once inside Becky offered them water laced with drugs to sedate them. When they awoke they found themselves restrained unable to flee their capture’s presence.

Warning what you are about to read is graphic; “We were offered some horrific choices. She wanted us to do sexual things with each other. We cannot knowingly sin, the eternal punishment would be far worse than anything that could happen to us here on earth, or so we thought. She was obsessed with making us have sex with each other. After several days of refusing her efforts, she started to bring strange men over. These men would use us however she or they saw fit, with the ultimate goal of having us give in to her desire to have us engage in sodomy with one another. Several days of visits from these men passed before we gave in. We decided to commit sin and engage in sodomy together with the understanding that it was less of a sin than allowing the damage being caused by the woman and her visitors to continue.” An exert from one of the two unnamed victims statements given to police.

That statement was read at sentencing by the prosecuting district attorney. The impact of the statement was evident when the jury returned with their sentence recommendation of 210 years in prison. The men had been rescued by the quick thinking of a cable repairman who was sent to install a new cable box. The repair man noticed a heavily locked door with audible moans coming from behind it. He alerted authorities to the odd scene and the men were rescued later that day.


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